Word 2003 files have strange icons when in Vista w/ Office 2007

This problem first showed up two weeks ago while making an assignment for school. Because of the lack of newer software there, I needed to save it in the Office 97-2003 .doc format.

I noticed that the icon was incorrect, as it should be the standard Microsoft Office 2003 'logo' (*) and not a blank sheet with Office's 2007 icon (**) on it.

* (The icon that should be displayed for an Office 97-2003 file in Explorer etc.)
** (The icon I get when seeing it through Explorer.)

Several reinstallations of Office 2007 did not bring joy, same for the update to Windows 7 Home Premium (x86).
The odd thing is; I have memories of me working on Vista (I change my OS quite a lot for testing and debug purposes) with Office 2007 and saving files in the Office 97-2003 extension with the right icon and file description displayed. The file is named "DOC-File" rather than "Word 97-2003 Text file" while the file saved in the Office 2007 format is named correctly, I made a screenshot depicting this. The documents are exactly the same in content (just some random typing) and were saved as both .docx and .doc.

I've tried just about everything; ranging from editing register-keys to changing the default applications for that filetype. I've associated Word with all Office text files and they all display their correct icon except for the 97-2003 files.

Please, read this post thoroughly and don't troll with advice on things I have already tried or done.

Thank you.
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  1. Just one curious question, What is with the icon display??
    I just want to know whether the files open correctly without any errors & bug in version you needed??

    If you want to work with office 2007 file formats with office 2003, you can use Microsoft Office Compatibility.
    It is a free tool from Microsoft.

    Hope this helps! May solve your purpose not your problem :)
    Why to pull your hair unnecessarily?
  2. Fulcrum888 have you found a solution for your problem?
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