Do you really need 26 amps on a single +12v rail for 8800gts

Does anybody know if you need 26 amps on one rail or can it be spread out among different 12v rails? Right now I have a 500w Ultra power supply with 28 amps on the 12v rail and I was thinking about getting a better quality one with an active pfc, but they have multiple 12v rails.


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  1. I would get the neoHE, it states 3 +12v rails but the seasonic S12 design it is based upon lacks per-rail OCP (over-current protection)

    NeoHE 550w review,"]Figure 18: +12 V wires are separated into six wire groups and connected to the PCB as if there were three separated rails.

    Figure 19: However they are connected together on the PCB.
    The pics in the above link says it all, it is basically a single-rail design and the per-rail current limits can pretty much be ignored.

    The raidmax unit has a dual-rail +12v setup with +18A each according to the manufacturer however I could not find a combined +12v wattage, a combined +5/+3.3/+12 wattage nor a +5/+3.3 combined wattage... I would not consider this unit unless it was $40 or less & free w/ the rebate :wink:
  2. No, you do not need 26A on a single rail. nVidia recommends a 400W PSU with 26A on the 12 rails. Plural with an "s". See article link:

    Of course, these are minimum recommendations.
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