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y guys,

Need a bit of advice. Our network currently contains around 15 2650 HP Procurve switches. These are all either running 1gig or fibre to a HP 4100GL. I am currently using Procurve manager to manage the swtiches using SNMP so i can check on port activity, status, configs etc. What I now need is some traffic management software. Procurve has the ability to do this but not in the way I want it to be done. I can look at traffic statistics on a given port, such as broadcasts, frames/sec etc but I want to be able to look at the network in a Topological format and see where traffic bottlenecks are occuring and things of this nature. As it stands now, I must wait for a problem to be reported and then sit there with the traffic monitor (which updates every 60 seconds so not live) and watch for frame traffic, excessive broadcasts etc.

Any ideas? Obviously prefer free software :)


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  1. ever thought about using trafic shaping, allocating/restriciting bandwidth for given ports and IPs as a first step to try and stop people from creating a lag. then maybe checking your network topogrpahy not too many clients to a node, some node levels beeing a lot deeper than others
  2. Try free Trial version of SolarWinds Orion Network Monitoring Software which makes it easy to quickly detect, diagnose, and resolve performance issues with your dynamic network.Also Monitors and analyzes real-time, in-depth, network performance statistics for routers, switches, wireless access points, servers, and any other SNMP-enabled devices.
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  3. Use MindArray to centrally monitor key parameters of network, server and application and to identify and diagnose performance bottleneck. Also allows you to monitor real-time event log and netflow from any source.
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  4. Scrutinizer and MRTG are both good monitoring tools... (They work more or less in tandem...)
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