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Hey guys,

I notice that when I'm installing big programs such as games or whatever, my RAM usage skyrockets to about 98-99 percent, and after the program is done installing... it stays that way. Is this a common problem among Vista users? I've tried googling for solutions, or a cause, but nothing so far. I was hoping maybe your pros may have some imput.

I'm using Vista-64 bit Home Edition with 4 gb of RAM. Thanks.
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  1. Vista aggressively preloads code into RAM, it's called superfetch, without more details it is hard to say if that's what is using your RAM (in which case this is normal and good) or if you have a problem. My Vista 64 is usually 'using up' about 4 gig of my 8 gig total RAM when I am doing nothing at all - it's superfetch for sure in this case

    on a 4 gig system I would expect to see about 2 gig free under normal circumstances but it's been a while since I ran 4 gig so I'm just trying to remember.

    Does your system seem slow or unresponsive when this happens?
  2. Well I kinda had the same problem Installed Frontlines Fuel of war and my ram went to 97% of 6 gb's and dosent come back down till reboot. When I reboot my system it turns on a run idle till I either install/extract a large file or somthing like that it shoots up form 18% usage witch is what its at normaly idle and to 97%-99% at witch point my computer can hardly run. Alt-Ctrl-del will take 5 min to bring up taskmgr. I would asume virus but idk. Because until I installed FFoW and right before that I tried extracting a rar game from torrent and got errors then installed FFoW off a 2 disks and thats right when my problem started. I no longer can load a game I hang till i alt-ctrl-del and shutdown.
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