Vista is showing my secondary drive as two unallocated parts

I currently have Vista 64 ultimate installed on 2 Raptors in a raid stripe. I have several other hard drives, most notably a 1.5tb internal, and a 1tb external. These are the problem drives.

When I went into disk management, both drives showed up as unformatted drives (which they should have since I haven't formatted them), but the strange and incredibly annoying thing is that each drive apears in two unallocated pieces as if I have partitioned them, which I have not... both drives are new and unused so I have not partitioned them.

Each drive showed up with a 80.42gb unallocated piece (I won't call them partitions since I didn't partition them - and I find it very strange that both of them show up with that 80.42gb unallocated piece), and the other piece shows as the remainder of the space available on the drive - in the case of the 1.5tb drive, the second piece shows as 1316.84gb.

What I want is just 1 partition of 1397gb. I can't seem to delete the partion, and every time I try to convert from a dynamic disk to a basic disk, I get the following error:

"The operation cannot be completed because the disk is not empty."

With the 1tb external drive, I simply plugged it up to another PC that runs XP, and the drive was recognized as 1 single 931 gb drive which I promptly formated. Now that that is formatted, when I plug the drive back into my PC that runs Vista, Vista sees the drive correctly. I did nothing else to the drive. I just plugged it into an XP machine, and everything worked fine.

I supose I could pull the 1.5tb out of my Vista machine, but that would be a complete pain in the ass with this case (CM Stacker 830 with the horrible hard drive cage), and I really want to know how to do this correctly with Vista. I can email a screen shot if wanted...

Any help... ?
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  1. Hey Janitor9, can't you just manipulate the drives and merge the partitions within disk management itself?
  2. le13enforce... I don't believe so... I don't even get an option to do that in disk management... I can create 2 seperate drives out of the 1.5tb, but not one... the only option that works is create new volume. all other options are either unavailable or don't work when I click on them.
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