Widget for cpu and gpu temp

I would like to know if there is widget for windows 7 that can give you the temperature of your CPU and GPU.
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  1. Yes there is, do you use Rivatuner?
  2. no i dont have rivertune but i can use it if it help the widget to work
  3. *Rivatuner
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  5. it looks nice but rivatuner dont have the low lever hardware monitoring for my hd5770 :( so it cant show anything on the widget
  6. does onyone knows if an update can fix the low lever hardware monitoring so it can apear in rivatuner so the gpu temp can be shown on the rivatuner widget?

    or does any other widget that show temperature of cpu and gpu exists?
  7. Try starting a thread over in the graphics forum as I'm sure I've seen someone mention what you are requesting.
  8. ok thanks
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