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Hello, does anyone know a way to download a flash video from a website when it does not appear anywhere as a .swf or .flv file? I'm not really sure how to explain this so here's the link to the video i need to download:

i would really appreciate if someone helped me on this. Thanks!
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  1. its an .swf file about 32 mb,
    get videodownload helper firefox addon & download it..
  2. I'm sorry, but video download helper doesn't seem to recognize a video being streamed while i'm playing this particular video. On the other hand, it works fine with youtube videos, so perhaps there's something special with this particular video i'm trying to download (like it's locked in some way so people can't download it)? Or i could always be doing something wrong :) Can you give me a hand? Have you actually tried to download it to see if it can be done? And, if yes, how exactly did you do it? Thanks!
  3. [SOLVED]

    Well, i found a workaround on this so if anyone has a similar problem here's the way to do it:

    You don't need any add-ons, you just play the video and while it's playing go to (for Firefox) [Tools]->[Page Info]->[Media Tab], then you click on the .swf file and press Save As. It's was just as simple. Thanks for your reply manojgj!
  4. I'm on Firefox, just D/L it with Unplug.
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