Difference between Basic Disk and Dynamic Disk?

I accidently converted my boot drive from a Basic Disk to a Dynamic Disk when playing around with resizing partitions. Now the option to convert a Dynamic Disk to a Basic Disk is grayed out.

Are there any disadvantages of my disk being a Dynamic Disk instead of a Basic Disk? My partitions are now Simple volumes instead of Primary Partitions, but the system seems to work normally.

Can I change it back?
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  1. This should answer your questions:
  2. From Windows 2000 onwards, started to introduce the concept of dynamic disks, and as early as in the DOS era began to use basic disks. Based on Basic Disks and Dynamic Disks, they have their own differences and similarity. Here is a complete article to compare them through several aspects on:
  3. After deleting all data on dynamic disk , you can able to convert back to basic disk
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