ECS K7S5A USB Driver 2.0

Did some1 has WORKING !!! USB 2.0 Driver for ECS K7S5A !!!!
plz HELP!!!!!
T H A N K S !!!!
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  1. if you have Xp 0r 2000 sp4 , usb driver come along with OS,
    what OS you are using ..
    any way get it from here
  2. I`m using Win XP SP3 (Dez 09) ALL Upd.
    I tried my 2nd USB stick yet,but the transfer rate is damn fu... slow, i have some USB 2.0 driver from the ecs cd, but no changes..traffic same speed !!
    1mbit to/from UDB Stick!! Thatz to slow!! plz HELP !! THX
  3. manojgj said:

    MERCI, GRACIAS !!! i`ll try it .....nd then lok what happens!!
    btw. what is a "normal" Datatransfer (MBit) for an USB-Stick to a HDD??
  4. normally 5-20MBs write speed & 15 -30 MBs reading speed ..
    costly model have more transfer rate than normal models..
    it differs to every model & make..
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