Print to redirected LPT3 gets access denied.

Thanks in advance for any help offered.

I have a DOS process running in XP Pro SP2 that does the following...

NET USE LPT3 \\pcname\prtshare
TYPE mydoc > LPT3

The net use commands work. But sending information to the now mapped LPT port gets 'Access is denied'.

Windows, from any computer, has no issues printing to the shared printer. Locally the shared printer is connected to LPT1. DOS can print to the LPT1 port. However even on the local computer trying to print in DOS to the mapped LPT3 gets access denied.

I'm signed in as admin and the printer has full access granted to everybody.

Any idea what I can check?

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  1. try to substitute prn for lpt3 when printing from the local printer and see if it changes anything.
    Im not sure that it will but its worth a shot.
  2. THis can also be caused by Antivirus rules blocking creation of files (*SPL) by remote users in c:\windows\system32\spool\printers.

    Look in the event log on the server!
  3. If your print server is Windows 2008R2 then check the permissions on \Windows\System32\spool\PRINTERS folder.
    Users must have write permisions on this folder, this is not set by default.

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