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After a recent (and horrible) experience with customer service at an attempt to resolve my unreasonably limited PayPal account, I decided it would be much easier to depart from that horrid monopolistic company and find something better. The problem will be finding one, and after searching for sites that recommended alternatives, none of which suited my needs. So I decided to come here and see if anyone is using, or knows a site that can do the things similar to Paypal, without the hassle of limitations and customer service that isn't comparable to Dell.

Simply, all I need is the ability to send and receive money to/from my bank account, being able to send and receive money to/from another Paypal user and being able to use it with purchases from ebay.
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  1. You can try Payme

    Apart from bank deposit, credit card transfer, I can't think of alternative. Too bad bitcoin haven't caught up :(
  2. by limited are you referring to the limited amount of money you can receive from other people and add into your bank account per month? if i remember correctly paypal allows unlimited payments but only a certain dollar value for transfer of funds from paypal to your bank account. unless of course you sign up for their business level account which i believe has a fee every month.

    the trouble is that paypal is the universally accepted way to get paid by companies or people who are unable to process credit card payments. it is also looked upon more favorably by consumers buying from a company they haven't dealt with before since they dont have to give out a credit card number. i haven't heard of another company which can sent to or receive from paypal accounts.

    by your description you would like to be able to sell items and receive payments which you can then transfer to your bank account. you would also like to buy items on ebay. if you are exceeding the monthly limits then it just might be worthwhile to upgrade the account.

    i've had some trouble with paypal but i've never had any major screw ups on their part. then again i use it exclusively for purchases (send payments).

    for receiving payments you could always start accepting credit card payments and pay monthly for a service.

    then there are always money orders, bank transfers, personal checks.

    i wish there was another solution but i dont know of one.
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