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Should I just reinstall?

Just upgradded to Win 7 yesterday, installed a few apps and drivers bbut nothing major so far. Anyway I ran Malware bytes and AVG and I found 2 viruses

One was a Logitech SetPoint trojan and the other was a Samssung Display Hijack

Malware bytes seemed to remove the display hijack well enough but Im not quite sure that AVG was able to dispose of the Trojan properly

Ive rescanned and the viruses appear to have been removed but tbh I dont trust that.
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    If you haven't already, run malwarebytes in safe mode with networking. If the scan comes up clean there, you should be fine.
  2. +1 to "aford10".
    And don't forget to make sure that your Malware bytes and AVG are updated.

    If you want to run another scan, just to be sure that your computer is clean from malicious programs / entries - you can run HijackThis.

    You can download HijackThis here:

    And you can analyze your scan results with the help of this site:
  3. both of those files are false positives.your computer is fine!
  4. Was all the software you install legit? If so I think the guys above are probably right.

    If you are very worried then you might as well just reinstall as you have nothing on it and it will give you peace of mind.

    That being said - you would be better learning how to deal with things now as later on when you have 300GB of software installed you won't want to be reinstalling windows unless absolutely necessary.
  5. as long as you are not installing pirated or cracked software you are fine!if you are that's what happens when you don't purchase legit software.

    if your software is legit they are false positives!
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