C:\Windows\System32 folder every time I boot up

Hello guys, Whenever I turn on my pc using Windows XP home edition, a window pops up for the C:\Windows\Sytstem32 folder. I always close it and go on about my business but it is really getting annoying. I know it has to do with my registry, I have tried the quick fix, xp_system32opens.vbs, and it tells me the script could not fix my issue. The expected registry value was not found. I want to manually do it but I really dont know what I'm doing and dont want to screw things up here. I have opened regedit and have an HKLM and HKCU text file, I do not know where to go from here. I would greatly appreciate if someone can help shed some more light on this for me. Should I copy and paste those two text files in here?
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  1. Hey, just saw your question thought of replying as you must be really waiting for this. Yes, you need to cope and paste those two files on to your system for that. Please let me know if it doesnot resolves the problem or even if you couldnot find those two files.
  2. Just a quick idea: have you checked that you've not accidentally created a shortcut to System32 in your Startup folder?

    I think the path to the Startup folder is:

    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

    Worth a look, just in case that's the culprit.
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