Nlite Unattended Install - Change User Name After Install

I am doing a nlite slip stream with SP3 and creating a unattended install.

Nlite requires a user name in the unattended section of the program. It defaults to "New user". After installation of Windows XP the OOBE (out of box experience) usually comes up asking for the first "user name". What I want is for the OOBE to change the "New user" account that Nlite required to whatever user name I enter in the OOBE.

I'd imagine I need to use the "Hide Pages" Unattended Mode rather then "Full Unattended" so the OOBE does not get skipped.

Is what I am asking possible? If so how do I do it. I have two machines at my house and want different user names for my dads computer and mine and I'd rather just have one disc.
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