Video card upgrade! Need advice.

I have a 7800GT currently and it has a mild overclock above factory settings (500/1180 vs 470/1100 stock), but way higher than the reference model (400/100). I was wondering what would be the most cost effective solution for a video card upgrade The most I will spend is around $350-400. I don't have a big fps problem in games, but in Day of Defeat: Source I get big drops in fps from my average of around 60+ down to like 15 or less fps. I NEVER have any problems with fps in Counter Strike: Source and that's with higher settings than in DoD:S. I use 1280X1024 res with 4X AF in DoD:S and 1280X1024 w/4X AA and 8X AF in CS:S. Both are at max settings otherwise. My system specs are in my sig and if needed I can OC my CPU safely to around 2.7 GHz with my current HSF so that it will not bottleneck the video card. Please help me choose the video card that is most likely to give me the best performance now and in the future.

I was wondering about the performance of 2 8600GTSs in SLI. 1) would they perform well compared to a 8800GTS 320MB? 2) If so, is it worth it to SLI on my mobo or would 32 pipeline SLI be the only SLI option that is worth it. Another option that is possible is going to a Crossfire mobo and X-firing 2 X1950GTs or X1950 Pros. Please help me choose the best option.


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  1. GTS-320 vote for me.

    The HD2900XT is tempting if that description were a current truth, but as a supposition/hope, I'd go with the GTS-320, which usually sells for a little less than your amount (closer to $270 or less).

    IMO avoid SLi and Xfire.
  2. Agree. The GTS 320 is great deal IMO.
  3. it's a great deal... until games start needing more than 320mb to run even at 1024x768 - bear in mind that GRAW requires 290MB of graphics ram to run with high quality textures, I think even the first raft of DX10 games will over stretch the baby GTS

    if you can't afford a GTX then a OC 640 is the next best thing

    it's a tough choice between the 2900XT and 640-GTS though as both are suffering from bad drivers atm
  4. Meh, GTS-640's not worth the extra money which would be better saved and rolled into other parts or the replacement upgrade after it.
  5. Another GTS 320MB vote here! 8)
    Just leave some cash for a .
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