hi .. need help about Samsung SE-T084L external slim dvdrw

as title, anyone happens to know or have experience on this one ? i'm really setting my heart on this one, only to be afraid of being disappointed and in extreme agony afterward... i hope to hear from ya'll.. thanks...
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  1. What is your question? Is the drive any good? Is it fast? Well, I'm sure the drive is nice, but it will be slower than standard size DVD-RW drives, that's the price you pay for miniaturization. What specifically do you want to know?
  2. thanks for replying

    1. i'd like to know if it is about the same data transfering speed as all the other slim external dvdwr.. since i went to samsung website and it says 33.3 MB/s(266.4 Mbps). however, normally external usb dvdrw has 480 Mbps. i am not sure if it is true about 33.3 and why is it ?(since SET084L is also usb 2.0)

    2. compatibility ? great ? pretty good ? normal ? below average ? poor ?

    3. some other minor concerns are hotness, noisiness, coaster rate.
  3. 1) THe 33.3 MBps is probably a more accurate number for the drives actual transfer rate, the 480Mbps is just the USB2.0 spec max transfer rate, the fastest that a USB port can transfer data. 33.3 MBps is more than fast enough, it is faster than 16x DVD (which is 21.1MBps)

    2) Compatablility is not an issue anymore. DVD drives have all been out long enough that they all work with everything now. I remember when I bought my first DVD drive Nero was the only program I could get to use it, but now they are all supported and plug and play with the OS without drivers (as long as you are using a newer OS)

    3) I don't know about noise and heat, likely not much of an issue given that the drive is small and isn't extremely fast, but coasters shouldn't be a problem, as buffer under-run protection is standard and prevents almost all mis-burns that aren't user error.
  4. you really give me a boost bro... guess it's time to get it by next week...
  5. Looking around on Newegg.com I can't find a drive that looks better, so if you are getting a good price for it (under $100) I'd say go for it. Especially since you seem to have your heart set on that one.
  6. me either... that's exactly the one on newegg i'm talking about...

    here i come newegg ! 8)
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