Reinstalled windows, now it wont detect my hardware?

hi, i posted a thread a few days ago wondering how to even reinstall windows because my cd drive was down. well i just decided to buy an external cd drive and just reinstalled windows last night. i go through the instructions properly and everything is really smooth i restored it to factory settings so its like when i bought the pc.

all of a sudden when everythings done my wireless network card doesnt work, my GPU isnt there, and who knows what else. at first i tried looking up what the problem could be and many people had the same problem and the advice given to them was to try to reinstall drivers, etc, which didnt work for them, and even if i wanted to try that i cant even connect tot he internet since my pc doesnt even detect a network card.

So what should i do? maybe something malfunctioned during the installation process?

when i click on device manager to show my hardware, for display adapter all it sais is "standard VGA graphics adapter" i dont know if that means anything.
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  1. Was your computer preassembled when you got it? Like from Dell or someone.
    Usually there is a driver disk that comes with it.
    If your wireless card is after market you will have to use the disk that came with it.

    If you dont have the disks you may have to go to a friends house or the library and get a copy from the internet.

    When you do get them put them all on a disk so this doesnt happen again.
  2. Are we talking Desktop or Laptop?

    Restore DVD, or Stand Alone Installation disk?

    "standard VGA graphics adapter" means the specific drivers are not installed for the GPU.

    i cant even connect tot he internet since my pc doesnt even detect a network card.

    You're posting this thread on something, so can't you make a driver disk on it?
  3. okay thanks for the suggestions guys, turns out that windows just needed to connect to the internet in order to get updates(i connected through a internet cable rather than wireless). but i still dont get how it didnt detect the network card.(talking about a laptop) i had to connect to the internet through a network cable instead of wireless and once it got the updates all of a sudden my network card was wirelessly working again.

    im a noob to pc's the driver disk idea from another pc had never crossed my mind,although if it happens again i'll know what to do.
  4. Go into Device Manager and check to make sure all your Hardware is properly installed, if the list shows no yellow or red indicators, you're good to go.
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