Websites/FTP doesn't work. SCP and SFTP does. Can I tunnel/proxy in?

Hey, there seems to be a problem with the internet where I stay at. There aren't very many experts or technical people that I know, so I thought I might ask here.

When I browse and download through the internet (firefox etc, web browser), my downloads go at about 50KB/s.

When I use SCP or SFTP to connect to my dedicated server and transfer files back and forth, I download at about 300KB/s.

Is there any way I can setup firefox to tunnel through whatever scp and sftp uses to connect, and browse the internet with that?

That or, setup a proxy on my server, and use the scp or sftp connection to connect to that proxy, and have firefox download through that?

Thanks a lot.
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  1. They probably rate limit ftp...

    So what's wrong with using SCP or SFTP? These two encrypts the data in SSH so it's more secure than regular ftp which transmit data in clear text...

    YOu can get a plugin for firefox which does SFTP.... I think.. I remember seeing one.
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