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I'm making a nlite cd that removes some of the options such as system restore, tour, net meeting, windows messenger, games and accessibility options and that's about it. Ive run into a few problems before and want to try to avoid a certain situation.

After I install windows with the Nlite CD sometimes if I go to display settings to change the dpi size from small to large and hit apply it does not give me the option to copy setup files from the hard drive. Instead it only gives me the option to copy the setup files needed for the change from the Windows XP installation CD. This is quite annoying and I don't know what exactly is triggering it.

I know one of the settings in Nlite causes this to occur but I'm not sure which one. Does disabling SFC in Nlite cause this to happen or does having it enabled cause this to occur? Basically I just want to know how to avoid this. I want to be able to change my display settings without having the disc with me at all times to copy the files.

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  1. you need to do some research before you do what you are trying to do, Nlite is a simple program with complicated results, windows is integrated OS, removing anything has implications and ramifications beyond your scope of knowledge. removing Systen Resore= very bad idea, use the MS knowledge base and study
  2. I dont really need to do research as I have done this before and I know about Nlites power. I don't use System Restore, this is a purely OCed gaming rig. I know I can do it because my last SP2 slipstream was done in this way and worked as I intended. I just can't remember what triggered the event I was asking about and what setting I changed to fix it. I need this info so when I make my new SP3 slipstream disc it does not ask me for the installation disc when changing display settings.

    I dont need it to roll back drivers and I end up reformating every 6 months or so anyway. To try and say the O/S is beyond my scope of knowledge was pretty lame btw. I asked a simple question requiring a simple answer.
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