Can I use a Media Center CD key for installing a XP Professional OS?

Hey guys. I was wondering... I have a Dell computer that is pre-installed with Widows XP Media Center Edition. I want to reformat my computer but the only windows OS CD I have is a Widows XP Professional. Can I use the Media Center CD Key on my Dell case to install the Professional OS on my system? (BTW I cannot use the Professional CD Key because my brother is already using it).

Also if that does not work, does the Professional CD come with the Media Center OS as well? (My cousin said it does). If it does, can I use my Media Center Key to install the Media Center OS from the Professional CD?

My computer really needs to be reformatted.
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  1. Are you sure your Dell doesn't have a Recovery partition? Reboot the computer and start tapping Crtl F11 when you see the Dell BIOS splash screen.

  2. I want to reinstall windows and get rid of all the bloatware Dell gives you on the pre-installed OS. That is why I want to reformat it. Can any help me.
  3. Call up Dell and ask for a set of CDs.
  4. Just uninstall the unwanted programs from the control panel. Then run a defrag to cleanup.
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