Computer running super slow after OS installed

I just made a new computer, 4gb ram, 9800 GT 1GB ram video card, 3 GHZ dual core prossesor. And my computer is running as slow as a computer with 1mb of ram. I dont know what to do, i cant do anything on it. I can even install my drivers
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  1. start menu-->right click on my computer-->properties
    this will show how much RAM is recognized and the cpu. Are they correct?

    Open the task manager and watch the performance tab. Is the cpu or RAM being tapped out?
  2. start menu-->right click on my computer-->properties--> device manager. Under computer does it say Standard PC or ACPI Multiprocessor PC? I had the same problem with my dual core until I realized I set-up the install wrong. My computer was running VERY slow also, only utilizing one core. Task Manager only showed one core also.
  3. I've seen this probelm a few times where other people have built computers them selves.

    At the momment, your pc is using the default XP drivers which are no good. Once you install ALL of the motherboard, graphics card, "RAID" drivers, it should run great because its a good spec.
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