Burning DVDs help NEEDED please......

So i have been trying to figure out how to burn DVD's so i can play them on my TV. Not on my PC. it gets old watching it on my comp. Anyways, I have downloaded FAVC to convert to an ISO file? or am i completely lost? I have avi files, Windows media player files, and ISO files. I need to know how to burn them so i can play them on a DVD player. I have a dvd burner with -r and DVD-RW's My burner drive says this:

next to that label it says:
DVD Multi Recorder R DL
Next to that one it says:
Compact Disc rewritable ultra speed.

Now i have Dameon tools and FAVC. Any ideas on how to do this? if so please let me know. Im having trouble. Ibve spent the better part of a week trying to do this. I dont know if im overlooking something simple but, its time for some outside opinions. Any information you guys need pertaining to my computer to respond to this, let me know. Thanks!
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  1. If you want to watch the movie, buy it. This site doesn't assist in copyright infringement.
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