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Hi there,

I have a dell dimension 2350, windows xp home version service pack 3.
OK computer no problems until today, the computer is about 5 years old...
Today i downloaded yahoo messenger 9 and yesterday i downloaded Internet explorer 7 or 8 can't remember. But internet explorer was fine, today
when i installed yahoo messenger 9 (from the Yahoo site) it installed but on restart things came up on a blue screen that it was deleting, i just thought it was the old version i had before, but unfortunately i think it could have been something on my hard disk (obviously) because now my computer starts, go to the XP screen then immediately after that it goes black, the computer is still working (i think, well it's still making sounds like normal) but after that nothing.
I have tried everything, safe mode, last config, everything, but what happens is the screen gets stuck...I have a cd-rom that i got with the computer, but that only lets me re-install xp, but that's hard to do because it goes into partitions and i do not want to go there and start deleting those as i have no idea about that level of computing..
Can anybody help me please? I have so much work on this computer, it seems a tragedy if i have to delete everything and re-install windows again...:(
I have looked up other websites and forums but what they say is not what i am getting on my screen..Is it a virus? Or is it a system failure of some kind?

Thanks for reading this post...

Best Regards,

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  1. Can you get to the menu option where you choose safe mode, ' ' w/ network, command prompt....? Usually f8 on startup. If you can, go to the command prompt. Try the 'fixboot' command. If that doesn't work, try the 'fixmbr' command.

    If you can't even get that far, you may have a hardware issue. It may be a failing psu.
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