Can a cordless phone knock out a wireless router?

Is my Panasonic cordless 2.4 ghz phone knocking out my Linksys Wireless G router? When ever I use my phone my wireless router will no longer work, ie I can no longer connect to the internet wirelessly. Is it my phone, do I need to buy a new 5.4 ghz phone? Anyone else experiencing this problem.
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  1. Try changing the channel on the Linksys router.

  2. Wireless networking (and Bluetooth if you are interested) both operate at 2.4GHz so your cordless phone may well be knocking out your wireless. Changing the channel your wireless network is running on may help but quite possibly will not. If that's the case your only solution is to buy another cordless phone that operates on a different frequency.
  3. in a word yes.

    if you are looking into getting a new phone look into a set with DECT6.0
  4. Most certainly could knock it out, both run on the 2.4 ghz band, so that is in direct conflict. Maybe try changing channels, could also looking at a new phone, or maybe look at a newer N router, doesn't N run at 5 ghz? Or am I mistaken? Even if I'm right, you'd then probably need N cards so the phone didn't interfere with those as well.
  5. I know this still happens today. I encountered the same problem. All the other solutions are very valid. Another idea to try, which worked for me, is to move the base of the phone. Relocate the base away from the computer and/or router. If you use the line of sight rule, don't let the base get between the router and computer. I merely moved it a few feet away from the direct path, and the computer stays online.
  6. How do you change the channel on a linksys router?
  7. Access the router's administrative UI (usually ), locate the wireless setup page, and you'll see an option offering channels 1 thru 11, and AUTO.
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