Password Manager Auto Fill-In and Submit?

I use roboform pro to save my username and password information for various websites. I have entered my username and login password for some websites on roboform. I want roboform to automatically enter my username and password whenever I go to a specific website where I have the information stored in roboform rather than requiring me to click the fill and submit icon of roboform. Can roboform automatically enter my username and password without requiring me to click the submit icon?

If roboform cannot do this auto fill in and submit, can any other web browsers such as maxthon do this?
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  1. It does Autofill, but the program is complex. In the Options, Click AutoFill, and choose the appropriate options at the top.
  2. Paranotic Password Manager is the best! Portable version, click-to-copy passwords, logins,emails and ect. Daily backup data to the server. But, not a Free :(
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