Sony vaio wont recognise discs

hi i have a sony vaio and its main use was for gaming and dvd movie watching. it will play music cd's but it wont recognise dvd's or video game disc's placed in the drive. the disc just spins stops and when i check in the computer the drive shows it has no disc. i am using vista. help please what do i do.
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  1. Has it ever recognized DVD's? It may be a CD ROM.
  2. I seriously doubt that a new computer with Vista would ship with just a plain CD-RW... DVD drives are now standard equipment. If you have a bootable Vista DVD, I would suggest attempting to boot from it. If you can boot from it, then you have a software issue... but if it won't boot from a DVD, then the drive is defective and needs to be replaced.
  3. That's why I asked. It could be an older vaio that had an OS upgrade. Or someone could've replaced the optical drive. Too often people overlook the easy things.
  4. True... but then if it's old enough to have come with a CD-ROM or RW, then it's probably too old to be running Vista... especially if it's a laptop. CD-only drives are pretty hard to find nowadays.
  5. The requirements for running vista are pretty low. It can be done on a 1Ghz cpu w/ 512MB of RAM. It will run like crap, but it can be done.

    A simple search of ebay will bring up all kinds of cd-roms. I've personally purchased a few lots of them.

    Anyways, like I said, it's a good idea to rule out the simple things. Specially when there isn't much that will cause this type of problem.
  6. Again, very true.... but the combo drive on my laptop is doing the same thing... the difference being I have a Blu-Ray / DVD-RW drive. It will play music CDs, but it will not play DVDs or Blu-Rays. I have confirmed it's a hardware issue, as it will not boot from my Vista Ultimate upgrade DVDs.
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