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Hello all. Quick question for you. I am in the need of software that can image a harddrive from DOS and create a bootable DVD. The end result I need to acomplish is making restore DVDs much like what you would find from any major manufacturer. I've tried a few, but haven't found one that does this one basic function.

Any ideas would be great!
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  1. get hirens boot cd,, it has many disk cloning tools ..
    i personally use symantec ghost for drive & hard disk to hard disk cloning

    home page
  2. Have a look at the Clonezilla!
  3. Norton Ghost is still the best. It has the option to create a DOS boot CD. I've used this for years with great results.
    There is also Acronis True Image but I've never used it, although it has very good reviews.
  4. Image for Windows 2.8.3 is the best piece of software I have found. Not only is the compression better than anything else I have used, it also burns images directly to a bootable CD, DVD, or BluRay for easy restore media.
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