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Hey guys im just looking for a free fast dvd burner? It takes me around an hour to burn a movie just wondering is there anything that could be any quicker.. Running with a pretty recent pc so think that should be ok

Thanks :)
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  1. if your convert ting movies to dvd & burn it, surely it will take some depends upon the video quality, yours customizations etc..
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    there's lot of free ware for yours choice

    of if your looking for just burning tools get it here
  2. Judging by your name, and the topic of this thread, I would be real careful. This forum doesn't support piracy. It's a good way to get a permanent ban.
  3. No im the other pirate kinda ..just like his picture above!
  4. Il check those out now thanks, i knew there was lots i just didnt know which was the best
  5. exactly what you are looking for dvd burning software or dvd maker
  6. I got what i wanted after thanks :)
  7. Not sure if you're still open to suggestion...
  8. @manojgj, Supplying copyright breaking information is a direct violation of the THGF Terms of Use, since you have a lot to loose by getting permanently banned from THGF, you can take this as your one and only warning.

    After editing it, I'm leaving this thread here as an example of what not to do.

    To the OP you asked just enough to stay on the clean side of things, be careful how you proceed at THGF from here!
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