Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007 for $59.95

I see microsoft has a great price of $59.95 for college students for office 2007 ultimate edition. Does anyone know if this just allows installation on one computer or can it be installed on two or three computers like some other office versions?

Can it be upgraded to office 2010 for free when office 2010 comes out?

Has anyone used this promotion? Was it pretty easy? It seems like you just enter your university e-mail address and microsoft sends an e-mail to your university e-mail address with a link to purchase office 2007 ultimate edition for $59.95. You then purchase it and then microsoft sends the license code to your university e-mail address which you can use to download the software online. Is that all correct? How long does this process take?

Can college students purchase this and then give the license code to their parents to download the software?
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  1. ok, I just purchased MS Office Ultimate 2007 from MS for $59.95. I had absolutely no problems with the transaction. The code and reciept were both sent to my school email address within about a minute of the transaction.
    I already had the trial installed, so all I needed to do was copy and paste the new product key from the email into the product key box in MS Office, and hit next... bingo, it activated and was ready to go.
    Since I have the MS Office cd, I didn't need to download it, so I can't speak as to how long that might take. I would imagine it would be pretty fast, depending on your internet connection.
    Yes, it is eligible for the free upgrade to MS Office Professional 2010, when it becomes available.
    If you don't want to chance buying from a MS reseller, you can always go to the MS Office home page, and buy it directly from them and still get the student discount.
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