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Is there some way to get thunderbird to receive and send mail from a hotmail (actually account? I can log to account and it works, but I want Thunderbird to handle the email.
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  1. manojgj said:

    Thanks for the reply. There is a lot of good information in the file at the end of that link.

    My concern is principally to use the sending function of the email. The Outlook connector does this job with the hotmail account and outlook. I wish now to find some kind of "webmail" connector so that my main email account the home ISP can be used to send my personal email through outlook as well.

    The problem is that to prevent spamming the SMTP port is blocked at work and at our camp residence, both the SMTP AND the POP3 ports are blocked.

    I can use the hotmail, webmail, and outlook with hotmail through the Outlook connector, and am hoping to be able to use webmail as well.

    I hope this clears up what the problem is.


  2. OOPS!

    I meant I want to get Thunderbird to work with the "Webmail" tool if there is such a thing
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