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I'm going to buy a Q6600 (hooray for july 22nd). I'm thinking of getting a Zalman 9700 to cool that bad boy. will this cooler do the job? Ive seen that most people prefer the Ultra 120. Any input/recommendations are greatly appreciated.
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  1. Are you going to over clock it? If so I would go with water cooling. I am waiting for July 22nd also. Will be getting two of those bad boy's. If you are not going to over clock then that Zalman will be fine. I will be over clocking mine to about 3.4Ghz. Cannot wait.
  2. I'll be doing exactly the same (Q6600, Zalman 9700, 8800 GTX, etc.) and I've already asked the same question some time ago :lol:

    The Zalman 9700 has excellent reviews and a lot of people on this forum have also told me it's a good choice, especially if I decide to overclock.

    If you don't overclock you could probably get a cheaper cooler. Scythe Ninja or Scythe Infinity are also good.
  3. Well done air cooling can get you more performance than entry level water and probably 80-85% of the performance of midrange water.

    Water really doesn't offer a great value overall. Air is perfectly fine.
  4. awesome, thanks for the help. Water cooling isn't for me, to impatient to set it up, and scared that it will leak. look like 9700 it is.
  5. Anandtech Air cooling graph

    This will give you an idea of cooling options. It has the 9700 Ultra 120 Extreme, Noctuna, etc.
  6. I have the Zalman 9700, and its great, but it is not the best, nore the cheapest. I was ready to pay the extra for it cause I was sure it would fit my case and mobo, whereas the other heatsinks are just so rediculously large that its kind of a gamble with them.
  7. I have a q6600 i run @ 9x333. It's cooled with the ultra-120 extreme. I'd recommend it for any quad chip. What you thing about it, running a quad @ 3 ghz is the same as a stock QX6800 (at least that's that sandra's cpu test shows). Anyway, I dunno if that zalman will provide enough cooling for you. Quads generate 2x the heat of a dual, remember.

    Here are some threads that may interest you relating to q6600's:

    Lapping ultra-120 extreme
    Lapping Q6600 (complete with temp results and pics)
    Effect of room temp on load temps of a Q6600 @ 9x333
  8. Ok... Now this seems to be an old thread and I am going to try to revive it.

    I currently have a thermalright ultra 120 extreme and I would like to know if I should water cool. I am looking at the CoolIT SYSTEMS EL-1000 Eliminator Thermoelectric water cooling all-in-one kit. I do overclock. I am currently running my q6600 at 3.21 ghz and idle at 114 - 124 fahrenheit. At load I jump... I do not know... I need a program to record my temps under load.

    Should I go water cooled or is the thermalright good enough. I will be pushing to 3.4 to 3.6 for crysis and I already know that 3.6 is a no go with the thermalright ultra 120 extrem with my current system.

    Ther other thing to know is that I normaly do not use my AC. I can but it is cheaper not to run it. So my room ambient temp is normally a few degrees cooler then outside temp. (it is normally 78-80)
  9. hmm ages since i seen speed4life post.... :( um regarding this post i have no experience regarding water cooling i'm sorry. all i know is that a good air cooler such as a lapped TRUE or a xigmatek HDT-S1283 will outdo 80-85% of low and mid range water coolers...

    as for a program to record your temps under load, i suggest speedfan, coretemp, realtemp adn cpu-z if you dont have it to see your specs...
  10. You will be fine with an aftermarket cooler...you might be *limited* to 3.4 or so...but you might also look into good NB cooling too, if your MB doesn't have anything but a chintzy heatsink.

    If you are going to go watercooled, don't expect to spend less than ~$180 or you are wasting your time and money. The good stuff isn't cheap, but the cheap stuff isn't worth it.
  11. I dont like the zalman all that much. I have the 9700 and though at 3.ghz my temps have not gone over 45C prime95 for 4.5hrs I cant help but believe that there just has to be a better cooler out there. My biggest gripe with the zalman is that it swivels over the cpu after being screwed down. Its not a very tight fit. and when i had it on the am2 motherboard i swear the thing just hung ther. the clamps for it was not very tight.
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