Comparison: Seven 21" and 22" CRT Monitors article

well, i didn't understand you tested the Iiyama MS102DT (shadow mask) instead of the Vision Master Pro 512 - HA202DT (Aperture Grille)?!?

i dont think its a fair comparison versus the Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 2060u.

Vision Master Pro 512 - HA202DT
22" Diamondtron NF(TM) TrueFlat CRT
Aperture Grille Pitch :0.24mm
Dual focus
Short phosphor
Viewable Area: 20"
fH:30-140KHz fV:50-180Hz
2048x1536 @85Hz

for the same price as the Mitsubishi it has upper performances & better colors then a better image quality.

i've plugged my home blower to my case ... dunno what happen ... that works?!?
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  1. What irked me the most are the price comparisons in the conclusion. They are no where close to accurate if you look at the prices at the end of each individual review. The Mitsubishi Diamondtron was $1200!!! That makes the others look alot more attractive.

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  2. yes that's right. there was a mix up with the price. both monitors are more expensive than the others. the HA202DT is also around $1000-$1100.

    i've plugged my home blower to my case ... dunno what happen ... that works?!?
  3. You can pick up the Iiyama Vision Master Pro 512 <A HREF="" target="_new">here</A>, for about $700.00. It's a steal.


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  4. yup. exactly.

    i've plugged my home blower to my case ... dunno what happen ... that works?!?
  5. The dp2060u with with spectraview (calibrator) is around $1000.00. The one without the calibrator is around $650.00.

    The price is definitely inaccurate.

    Do a search on and you can see the price yourself.

    It was a shame they didn't review comparable iiyama's which would have provided some real competition.

    I'd have to say that the sony's mediocore low score is true in my experience. The 17 and 19 inch models really are good, but I returned a 21" cpde540 due to ghosting and purity issues. However, sony's are slightly brighter than diamondtrons which make tmem arguably better for games and movies.

    The dp2060u seems to match what I've been reading about by professional reviewers. I've read extreme pros and cons about iiyama's though. Iiyama's prices are very competitive, but their image quality is very good, but not the best.

    Quality is better than name brand, even regarding beloved AMD.
  6. I disagree with your comment that Trinitrons are brighter than Diamondtrons. I have an F500R and 2040U side by side and there's simply no comparison. The Sony is definitely good, but next to the Mitsubishi it looks downright muddy.

    As far as Iiyama, my engineer buddies tell me they use decent tubes but crap components. That's why they cost less $.
  7. Well I also have a sony and mitsubishi side by side and the sony is whiter whites and blacker blacks. I have twinview and in order to match the two monitors I have to increase the mitusubishi brightness and contrast while dramatically decreasing those on the sony. It's not a matter of control calibration (simply the default dial settins). When I try to make the mitsu look as punchy as the sony by adjusting brightness and contrast, it looks washed out. To increase the brightness, I tried increasing the color saturation (turned up the red, green, and blue at the same rate)which helped, but at a certain point, the colors start to bleed. This is not to say the mitsubishi is worse than sony. It is far sharper and uniform than the sony. Sony looks very bright and vivid but suffers from slight ghosting of text (if you look very very closely) and convergence problems. Sony also has less than perfect geometry while mitsubishi's is nearly flawless. Also, sony tubes look flatter than the already flat mitsu, if that makes sense.

    I have a cpde200, (had)a cpde540, and a dp2060u for comparison.

    Tubes does not a monitor make. Electroncs make a big difference. Take KDS and Sony, for example. KDS have trinitron models that have the trinitron look, but upon closer inspection suffer from all kinds and focus and convergence problems.

    Quality is better than name brand, even regarding beloved AMD.
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