Vista Home Premium 64 Bit Model 66i-03525

I am building a new computer and want to switch over to vista home premium. Newegg has the two following 64 Bit home premium versions, see links;

What I am trying to figure out is if I have to have vista home premium 32 Bit installed to install one of those 64 Bit versions at the links listed above. Neither of these say if they are upgrades or if I can install one of them and have a full version of 64 Bit. They both appear to me to be full version 64 Bit. One comes with a free Windows 7 upgrade coupon and a Tech Guarantee (what ever that means, I have no idea) for $109.99 and the other comes without for $99.99.

Can someone help me? Thanks
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  1. Those links are both full versions of 64-bit Vista. The $109 one with the 'tech guarantee' has an additional upgrade coupon you can use to get Windows 7 Home Premium upgrade when Windows 7 comes out in October. :hello: has the info from the horse's mouth.
  2. Both are full versions. No need for 32 bit vista before install.
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