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Yes, it is true, I will most likely be switching to a Macintosh Apple computer. My Vista PC has had many problems over the past several months, and it is finally making me realize that the Apple people know something that we PC users don't. They know how awesome it is not to have virus related crashes and they know how awesome it is to have a PC that rarely crashes and rarely slows down after purchase. It must be nice...I've been a lifelong PC user, and I have hated Apple, but now I am beginning to broaden my horizons and maybe switch. So I ask all of you: Should I get a Mac, and if not, why?
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  1. If you're unhappy with a Vista and PCs in general, then get a Mac. You probably are not a gamer and most office applications are available for the Mac.
  2. Vista is a stellar OS and will perform nicely, provided you don't do silly things with it, like give it viruses. It'd be cheaper for you to learn some good PC skills than to spend big cash on a Mac.

    I've never had any OS crash on me. I've never had a virus. I've never had to deal with a slowdown of any kind related to Windows. It's all third party software that screws up.
  3. If you want to go Unix-like then why not try a few Linux distributions first? Save yourself a few thousand dollars on new old hardware and an overpriced OS. Granted you might have a few more setup troubles for some hardware but some people can get everything going without a hitch. Personally I'd prefer to keep my current rig and go with a free OS than downgrade my hardware and buy a new OS.

    We have a Linux forum too if you need help. It's entirely your decision though.
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