New motherboard vista won't install !!! HELP!


I have recently changed my mobo to asus P5Q pro and Vista home premium OEM wont start instalation,now I am back to old XP.
Can you help me with my problem?

Thanx !!!
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  1. anyone!
  2. You'll probably have to low level format the HDD
  3. What is happening when you try the install?
  4. well,I restarted the pc and It want start installation as always .... that happends since I changed the mobo ... It want recognize vista cd... only XP
  5. Sorry, your english is a little choppy. With the vista disc in, do you get the message to 'press any key'?

    Does the vista disc look scratched?
  6. I am realy sorry for my bad english ...
    With the vista disc in I dont get any message. (with XP in-always)
    Vista cd is OK,I have used only once and than i have changed the mobo ....

    Vista OEM

    Thanky all
  7. Make sure your optical drive is the first boot device.

    If you aren't getting the message to 'press any key' with the disc in, it's either a bad disc or a bad optical drive.
  8. My thoughts are that you may be using a vista DVD, as opposed to xp CD? Is this the very same disc drive you used with the vista disc before, or was vista pre-installed?
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