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Hey all,

I came across this story on a news site earlier. Apparently, even though many would like to think that spam is dead (probably more casual users and not those who like to keep up to date on these things, i.e. like most everyone on this site), it is not.

Check out the results of a recent study on the matter (don't worry, it's from newscientist and clean):
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  1. Ugh, that's not surprising. I clean out my junk mail bin everyday because there is 20-30 SPAM emails.
  2. Who said that spam is dead? wherever did you get that notion?
  3. We have its second cousin right here. When I hover over the word "ISP" in your post, an ad pops up for some sleazy ISP. Didn't see it till I turned off ADBlockPlus for a second.
  4. O no, I wasn't inferring that spam was dead by any means. I was making the point that due to spam filters and such that levels are down in mailboxes (depending on your service, where you go, etc...), which would lead some casual users to think that spam is on its way out, i.e. what amyflavored stated.
  5. True, I get only about 3/week in all my 5 mailboxes together. But we can't rely just on the filters. People are still careless about where they put their email address, their choosing of email names, and sending out forwards with all the headers attached.

    That's a fascinating map. looking at it a second time. I wonder why so little spam comes from Antarctica and Greenland? :D
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