Booting windows crashes network, please advise.

When I boot my primary home PC, it connects to the internet for a split second, then disconnects and cannot reconnect. Also, booting the main computer will disconnect any other computer or game console connected into the network from the ISP. So long as the main computer is off, the network functions flawlessly. Once it's on, no internet access is possible from any computer on the network. Running WinXP on a P43.0 Ghz. Asus P4800-E motherboard, 1 gig DDR2 Corsair Ram. nVidia 6800 Ultra Graphics. Again, this has to be a problem on the primary PC. So long as it is off, everything works normally. Please advise any solutions.
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  1. Maybe a problem at the primary PC's network adapter level. Or there is software on the primary PC which always try to connect to the internet and takes all the bandwidth. Check all software which starts up automatically on the PC causing the network to chrash. Check for viruses and adware/malware which maybe on it and sends packets on your network (which slows you down or jams the network).
  2. Update the LAN driver and make sure that the IP and DNS address are set to automatic. Also try disabling your firewall and see if it's a firewall setting.
  3. It could also be a defective network card spitting out garbage on the network. You can try a $5.00 PCI LAN card to see if that fixes it. I just bought a Gigabit PCI card from Frys for $5.00 yesterday.
  4. yeah the defective network card is what took out LAX airport and took them 12 hours to find.
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