Help, my wireless isn't connecting to internet.

I got a laptop this morning and everything was going well. The laptop picked up my router and let me connet to it. But it wont let me connect to the internet. it says my Dsl connection is down, and I have looked at my lights on my router and the dsl light isn't lighting up and I have it connected to a phone socket. What is wrong? I am on my desktop now and it is powered through a cable modem. Could it be my ISP hasn't provided access to my phone sockets?
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  1. Your DSL connection is down. Verify that your SpeedTouch is correctly connected to your phone line. If the problem persists, check your documentation.

    Also thats the error message I get...
  2. Can anyone help? By the sounds of it it seems to be that my house isn't covered by a dsl phone line. Or is there something im missing?
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