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My computer keeps saying "low disk space" in the corner. I removed programs in add/remove programs and it keeps apearing over and over again. I can't download anything.
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  1. How much free disk space is available and how large is the hard disk?
  2. Free space: 28,356,608 bytes 26.9 MB it alwas changes.
    Capacity: 40,970,084,352 bytes 38.1 GB
  3. Then it's normal for XP to complain if you have such a small hard disk and so little free space. After removing programs, did you delete the folders where they were installed? Removing a program doesn't always completely clean up the folders.

    If you don't plan on uninstalling Microsoft patches, you can delete a bunch of hidden folders in C:\Windows, e.g., $NtUninstallKB898461$. Just make sure they are patches that will never be uninstalled and not applications. Any folder that starts with $NtUninstallKB is pretty safe to delete (you can always restore them from a full system backup).

    This might help if you have lots of restore points: http://www.lockergnome.com/windows/2005/04/12/delete-system-restore-points-to-free-disk-space/

    Can't you get a larger hard disk?
  4. After I remove the programs I proprebly didn't delete the folders where they were installed. Where would they be located. Maybe I should bring my system to a shop.

    I will buy a larger harddisk if the one I have is malfounctioning. I don't think it is. It just has to be cleaned up.
  5. Programs normally are installed under the Program Files folder. Depending on where you live, bringing your system to a shop might cost you more than a larger hard disk.
  6. I'm in C:\Windows. I don't see $NtUninstallKB898461$ or something simular.
  7. Did you enable "Display hidden files and folders"?
  8. yes I did
  9. Then patches have not been installed or old info was not saved because of too little free disk space left.
  10. I shouldn't have to buy a larger harddisk. There is something in the harddisk that is taking alot of space.
  11. There are several reasons why you don't have enough disk space left, but if there are no hideen files or folders, then they have to be somewhere.

    Inspect all folders and verify how large they are, particularly the Documents and settings that can contain a large amount of data mostly in hidden files and folders.
  12. Yes, but also verify how much space is taken by the whole "C:\ Documents and settings" folder. Right-click the folder, click properties and it will display how many folders and files it contains as well as how much disk space it requires. Don't delete anything unless you know that it can safely be deleted.
  13. http://img513.imageshack.us/img513/3106/documentsandsettings.jpg

    There might be folders in here that I could safely delete.

    Maybe not folders put programs/videos/songs.
  14. I can't tell you what you should keep or delete. All I can do is suggest that you delete anything that you really don't need. Uninstall programs before deleting their folder. How much disk space does the "C:\ Documents and settings" folder require?
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