MS Outlook 2007 on Win 7 64-bit - data file errors

Hi all. I have my Outlook 2007 PST file(s) on a 'data' hard drive in my machine (the OS's are on different drives).

I moved from WinXP to Win7 (they are on different drives so I can boot between them) but every time I open Outlook on Win7 it tells me "A data file did not close properly the last time it was used...".

I have let it run the data check many times; "Data file check complete" but it just happens again the next time it is opened.

Could it be something to do with NTFS permissions? I've checked that my user account has full privs. etc. and that it isn't read-only etc...

Any ideas please?
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  1. Yep, from other searches I have successfully run the InboxRepairTool which corrects errors for me.

    However, when I have opened and closed Outlook over say a day or so, the same thing happens, every time.

    Now that can't be normal?!?
  2. Can you move your PST files to a different HDD?

    When the fix won't stay fixed, this sounds more like a bad HDD than a problem with Outlook.
    I've had that kind of problem myself and if that is the case then the only permanent fix is to get a new HDD.
  3. The HDD is fine, its my main working drive including data storage. I'm a photographer and all my photos are on there and there are many many read/write operations without issue. I'm 100% positive the HD isn't faulty, it is relatively new also.

    The thing is that I can open the PST's okay under the same version of Outlook booting from my WinXP drive, it is ONLY Win7 that these issues occur.
  4. If you are getting “A data file did not close properly the last time it was used and it is being checked for the problem. Performance might be affected while the check is in progress.” or such other related messages and you will be unable to access the PST file that means a severe corruption takes place and generate inaccessibility issues whenever you attempts to open the PST file and this error message might generate infinite till the PST file is not repaired.

    To repair the PST file you attempts to start your outlook 2007 is safe mode and try disabling the add-ins, once at a time., or you can try the in-bulit tool that is scanpst.exe. But in case if nothing works to resolve there is an effective solution that helps you to overcome such situation is Outlook 2007 Repair Tool

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