Vista no worky

I have this rather extremely annoying and damaging slowness that my laptop tends to do.
Annoying because it keeps happening.
Damaging because it affects all my programs and games.

Ok, well, every so often my laptop gets into this state that it acts SO slow
Everything, opening a window, right-clicking, ect...
Now this affects everything because my games will run in lower then normal FPS then it would if my PC was "normal"
Photoshop is slow/laggy ect...

Now I searched on Google, seems people had the same problem, except my laptop has the same boot up time while theirs said it would take 30 Min.

This must be the 6th time this has happened, meaning this tends to come and go. Which to me is VERY strange.
Like one night I turn my pc one and its doing it!
Turn it off, next morning turn it on and its like nothing happened.

Now some of you might say I could have a virus. True, But while my PC was like this I installed ESET and it detected and removed worms spyware ect...
Now this was a while ago, aslo, my PC would run slow even when I was no where connected to the internet and so this is random.

I just recently installed a windows registry cleaner and it detected and cleaned over 700 errors.
I thought it would fix it. Guess not.

ok I own a Windows Vista OS with Home Basic SP1
4GB RAM however its a 32-bit Machine so really only 3GB is there.
My HDD is 140GB but I am down to 14GB with a 37GB Hard Disk Partition.
27GB of the HDD Partition remains.

Ok well what made me post this is just last night I installed PhotoShop CS4 Extended and yet, it started acting slow a little while after that.
And now its the next day and its still slow, I can't get anything done.

Here's a little more info:
My Laptop was bought err, maybe 2 mouths ago. So its a rather new pc
I noticed my pc ran slow after I installed MS Office 2007 and this was a long time ago
It ran slow again when I installed Microsoft VC++

Please, if anyone has any solutions for me, please help. I am glad to even post this here cause browsing websites is even slow.

Many Thanks in advanced.

Now My Windows Vista seems to be damaged. When I input a Blank DVD the auto run option comes up asking me if I want to burn, so I click Burn files using windows. Then nothing happens. I open up My computer, open up the DVD drive and a window appears and disappears. How am I going to make a backup now!!!
When I connect my removable disk to my computer, sometimes it doesn't detect it while before it always detected it. And am trying to throw as much stuff onto the removable disk as I can but after it copies over a few items it freezes. But it doesn't cause the progress bar still moves.
I'm getting very pissed off now.
Not to mention I can't delete anything off my computer. Even if I delete a small item, that menu comes up saying "deleting 0 items/ 0KB remaining"
and it will just stay like that.
This all seemed to just started last night, except for the slow down. A few days ago I installed The Sims. I was able to play it. Just last night I tried to play it and the curser loading thing acts like its loading but then nothing happens. I open up task manager to find an application running called the sims.exe taking up around 300,000KB so it does work???
Also I was checking out Task manager to find this thing callled Com and was gaining size every second
ex. 1000Kb 3000 KB till it got to 300000Kb I decided to end it, then it just started up again.
Noticed it is located in the system32 folder so i cant delete it

seeing how I am I wanted to run the system restore, since last time that fixed the stupid black screen of death after log in.
Till I found out there was no restore points made!!!???!!

browsing websites is slow
cant delete stuff
removable media a no go
cant backup on DVDs
computer slowdown
computer wont shut down

WTH is wrong?!?!?

btw this virus thing is really pissing me off

see that operating memory thiing thats unable to be cleaned?
Everytime I start My computer up I get the little popup from ESET saying it found this but is unable to clean
YES I contacted them, what did they say?
"we are unable to find your profile/name, can you sign up again?"

I need help. I can't afford to lose all my stuff I have. and im poor enough so this probaly be the last computer I'd get for a long time
so don't say buy a new computer or windows
or forgot to say: I got my laptop from bestbuy with vista already installed
no use saying"reinstall windows"

please help

Quote From The Microsoft forums
"Sounds like you are infected with Malware.
And before you say it, an Anti-virus does not remove everything.

Download, install, update and scan with each of the 2 Programs below. Do the above in Safe Mode with Networking, if necessary.

All info below:

Malwarebytes is as the name says, a Malware Remover!

Download the Free Version from the link above.

Download, install, update and scan once a fortnight..

Spybot Search & Destroy 1.6.2 is a very good, FREE Anti-Spyware Program.

Download, install, update, and immunize your System with it.

Then SCAN with it.

Update it, and scan your System once a fortnight.

Important re: Safe Mode

If you happen to find a problem that you can’t uninstall / delete, reboot the computer, and go into Safe Mode.

To get into Safe mode, tap F8 right at Power On / Startup, and use UP arrow key to get to Safe Mode from list of options, then hit ENTER.

RESCAN your computer with your Anti-Virus, Malwarebytes and Spybot S & D while in Safe Mode.

If unable to install above Programs in Normal Mode:

Sometimes Trojans, Viruses, Malware, etc stop you installing and/or updating Programs to remove them.
If that happens, reboot into Safe Mode with Networking (from F8 list of Startup Options), and install, update and scan from there
Once you have removed infections:

Optimize Windows Vista for better performance

Your CD drive or DVD drive is missing or is not recognized by Windows or other programs


My second reply

But that malware thing F***ed up my PC thanks
It detected 3 Threats, So I clicked removed, it was successful. It needed a restart, so I restarted it. I logged in, and I am presented with a black screen with this box:
Windows Activation

An unauthorized change was made to Windows.

Windows has discovered a changed that will result in limited Windows functionality.

=> Learn more online
=> Close

If I click close, Windows will log me out.
If I click Learn more online, I get this box:

An unauthorized change was made to Windows.
You will no longer receive notifications, including those about your license or sctivation. Use the link below to find out how to fix your system.

So I click Learn more online and I get this page:

How can I click start if I don't have nothing but black screen and those error messages.

Then theres another message:
You may be a victim of software counterfeiting.

To use all Microsoft Windows Features, such as all updates from Windows update; get the latest updates; and recieve product support, your copy of Microsoft Windows must be validated as genuine.

this is bull ____

the only reason you are seeing this message is because I clicked that Learn more online which brought up the internet browser.

Thanks, but that screwed up my pc
I was better off WITH marware and spyware"

And yet, no fixes.
And my laptop is disabled.
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  1. Did you get the restore discs from best buy when you purchased the laptop? I know it's not what you want to hear, but you very likely are going to need to do a restore or fresh install of windows. It definitly sounds like you have a virus. On top of that, it sounds like your registry is scattered. And in addition to both of those, it sounds like WGA (windows genuine advantage) has locked your windows.

    The problem with backing up your data, is you could be backing up a virus. Moving the files back to your HD after the restore/install could reinfect everything. If you do back up data, boot into safe mode and scan all the files before moving them back to your laptop's HD.

    If you don't have the restore discs or a full copy of windows, I would start with Best Buy. I believe you can still purchase the restore discs after the sale (no promises tho).
  2. Restore disk's? Was I supposed to get those? No I actually didn't.

    I managed to get windows back to somewhat normal state.
    Somewhat meaning:

    Windows Media Player no longer runs/works. When I click the icon it opens up to a white screen but goes into the state of "Not responding"
    My main music player destroyed. AllPlayer, another media player to play music, freezes everytime I try to play music. I am down to irfanview
    with the MP3 player in it.
    Removable Disk seems to halfway work. While downloading data it freezes but if you wait a long time eventually it will finished.
    Overall system stability seems to have smoothed out. Although now it freezes at shutdown. Same boot time though 0_o ?
    Also, common freeze's seem to be normal now. Where the whole system will just freeze but mouse is movable.
    Then after like, 10 mins. it resumes, so everything I've clicked while it was frozen suddenly executes.
    Yes, sometimes pressing CTRL + ALT + DEL does nothing.
    Managed to free up some space. 19GB on main partition and 13GB on second Partiton.

    The malware program always detects 2 threats in the System32 directory, even if I click clean, it will say successful, then ask to reboot. I go back to scan and it detects 2 threats again.

    Also, the spyware Search and Destroy program detected a lot of stuff.
    Most of the stuff was cleaned, one gave me an error.
    And I thought that cleaned the operating memory thing that bugs me...
    I was wrong. I get another balloon popup saying it detected the operating memory trjion and was unable to clean.

    Thanks for the reply btw.
    I guess I will check out the restore disk's later.
  3. You need to reinstall windows. There's just way too many malware/virus problems to track down - I wouldn't even take the time to do it. Doing a clean install will rid you of your problems and get you a faster machine than trying to repair each individual problem, in this case.

    You don't need recovery discs. Just download an OEM image of your Windows disk from a torrent site. Use the key on the bottom of your notebook (on the windows sticker) for the install. You may need to call microsoft and spend 5 minutes talking to a computer to activate, but since you're not changing your hardware, you probably won't. Make sure you get all your drivers from your manufacturer's website before you begin.
  4. um, I dunno about that.
    See, I'm a real n00b when it comes to this

    um, I suddenly got this error:
    blue screen of death? I was in the middle of typing when this pops up for 2 seconds then the computer auto restarted.
    The top I only remember because I couldn't read it fast enough.

    also, aford, all the malware/virus's ect seem to be located in the System32 folder
    or programs folder such as C:/Program Files/39458959393/9495869493/bla bla
    but....C:/Program Files/39458959393/9495869493/bla bla does not exist
    but it kepts detecting stuff...

    Does that mean I am still able to backup? my life will be ruined if nothing makes it.
    and I just brought PhotoShop ;(
    well, I still got stuff to take care of before I go into the move intensive stuff eg. reinstall of windows.

    I think he (ms forums) mentioned to make a system restore point, then run the system restore to go back
    will that remove whats wrong?
    Ex. it copies important system files and anything else not recognized will be deleted?
  5. Creating a restore point now is pointless. Your system will just be restored to the condition it is currently in. It really wouldn't change anything.
  6. Also, all of your past restore points are probably already infected with viruses/malware anyway. That's the new thing for malware to do. Restoring to an older point will restore the viruses, too.

    Clean install. Pretty much no way around it. Be more careful on the internet next time.
  7. ay Thanks guys for all your help. Indeed.

    Now I just have one more question, and it might be why my computer runs slow sometimes.

    COM Surrogate

    A Quote From the Vista Forums:
    "Com Surrogate has nothing todo with loading webpages.........It is for programs and program intercommunication, I dont advise ending the task either as its supporting any pre-vista applications you have running

    Why do you think its responsible for pages loading slow?"

    Indeed. Whenever I open a folder, it gets real slow or stops responding. You can think it may be a virus, but just recently I opened up Task Manager to find a processor named COM Surrogate taking up 300,000K and increasing by the second.
    Next its 300,000K then its 500,000K
    Ending the process makes browsing folder or right clicking respond again.
    Twice, i opened up task Manager to find COM taking up 1,200,000K and increasing.
    And most of the time ending the process fixes the slowness...but sometimes when I end the process, it starts up again and gains size???
    it repeated 4 times before it stopped.

    Is it corrupted or something? Cause I looked on Google, but people have problems with it popping up saying it stopped responding

    "The dllhost.exe process goes by the name COM Surrogate and the only time you're likely even to notice its existence is when it crashes and you get the message COM Surrogate has stopped working. What is this COM Surrogate and why does it keep crashing? "
    But mine does not crash nor do I get any messages. It just gains in size and slows my system, probably why my computer was slow in the first place. its doing it every time I open a folder or do something.
    Any fix?
  8. Considering the host of other problems with malware, a clean install should rid you of that problem, too. I wouldn't worry about a fix.
  9. It's likely one of many things infected or corrupt. A fresh install really is the best route.
  10. Malware has corrupted the operating system - A Clean and complete re-install is your best/only option now.
  11. I know...
    But my stuff....

    The largest Memory Stick I have is 2GB
    Which means I'd have to backup as much crap on it then transfer it to my desktop PC
    and Maximum Transfer rate is 2MB...

    till my stuff is backedup, I can't do a install of Windows.

    Even if I wanted to, I'm poor, I can't afford Windows. I could use the advice from Frozen by downloading an OEM image of windows disk from a torrent site. but wouldn't that just give me more virus's? Since most likely that's how I got em in the first place?
    And what is even OEM ?

    Unless there's a tutorial on how to re-install Windows, I am not risking it.
    Frozen also mention needing to download the proper drivers?
    Like how am I supposed to know what ones to download.
  12. Reintsalling OS is best, if it happens after that, it is bad hardware.
  13. Look at Scotteq...very nice!

    OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer

    Downloading windows is not advisable. You never know what you are going to get. But at the same time, backing up possibly infected files to put back on your pc isn't really advisable either.
  14. Just to interject - I've downloaded OEM versions of every windows version/type since 98 and have never run into any that are bad. They've all worked flawlessly.

    Edit: Also, it's a common misconceptions that Windows will automatically give you viruses. Viruses come from bad internet habits - which is entirely user controlled. You've got to know how to use the internet safely.
  15. My comment has nothing to do with the fact that it's windows. When you go to a torrent site to download something, you are trusting that the other person hasn't infected the file (knowingly or not). The same applies to P2P downloads. I'm not saying that I don't do it, I'm just saying caution is needed.
  16. "replying to afords post..."
    right, did a full scan and it seemed to detect only infected stuff located in the System32 directory...

    Also, um, bad at explaining, but today I got this thing, like a TV station was running on my PC
    but it was only sound, like I heard the BK guy, about winning stuff at burger king, commercials, ect...
    then it sounded more, like more was opening up at once.
    I had FF opened so I thought a website might has redirected me to advertising.
    I closed it, but it was still going.
    looked in task manager, didnt see anything, in fact, since that COM thing, I always kept it open, nothing was going.
    confused, I logged out. it was STILL going!!!
    i just restarted my pc. later today I was playing my game the sims when it started doing it again!!

    more of a reason to re install windows I guess
    Imma look into that best buy restore disks...

    "replying to afords second post"
    True dat
    I don't/exactly would download from a torrent site. I don't trust them/understand them.

    I could, however download windows, actually, I could get any windows
    but the fact that it might contain bad stuff puts me in a hole.
    also, a OS could be GIGs or space, while people like to upload to rapidshare which has 120KB download limit, 15 min. wait per download, and max. upload size is 100MB, takes a really long time to download.

    Also, Since I own Vista Home Basic 32-Bit, I'd have to get the same or stay at 32-Bit OS ?
    read online somewhere about something like that.
    Like I could go to Windows XP could I ?
    I would...(love vistas looks though...)
    also don't wanna be caught with stealing OS
    since windows keeps popping up messages about "I might be a victim of software counterfeiting" crap

    imma check out to see what scotts post does now.

    Edit: Those links are nice, but really, only a clean install of windows will rid my virus problems
    and better yet, rid my amazingly cluttered HDD
    that way, I can reinstall my anti-virus start all over again
  17. Here you can look at things
  18. ^ stinks like spam.
  19. 5uperMario said:

    imma check out to see what scotts post does now.

    Edit: Those links are nice, but really, only a clean install of windows will rid my virus problems
    and better yet, rid my amazingly cluttered HDD
    that way, I can reinstall my anti-virus start all over again

    The very first link - At the bottom - tells you how to reinstall the operating system.

    No offense intended, but at this point I suspect you may be best off taking your computer to a competent local technician.
  20. 5uperMario said:

    Also, Since I own Vista Home Basic 32-Bit, I'd have to get the same or stay at 32-Bit OS ?
    read online somewhere about something like that.
    Like I could go to Windows XP could I ?
    I would...(love vistas looks though...)
    also don't wanna be caught with stealing OS
    since windows keeps popping up messages about "I might be a victim of software counterfeiting" crap

    You could go with xp if you wanted, stay with vista 32 bit or vista 64 bit. You are going to be doing a fresh format and install, so it's up to you. However, before you do, you may want to look at what driver support there is for each OS. Whoever makes your laptop, go to their website and look at the driver support for your model. If they don't have drivers for any other OS besides vista 32 bit, you may want to stay with that. It can get more comlicated if they don't have your drivers.
  21. @aford
    I was just stating my experiences, that's all. I completely agree; caution is needed surfing the web and downloading content.

    I happen to agree with scotteq. You (SuperMario) seem kinda confused, and some of the things you're saying don't add up - I'd just take it to a person that (hopefully) knows what they're doing 100%. But, if you want to do it yourself, we can certainly help you along - but there are lots (as scotteq linked) of help sites on the web for this sort of thing.
  22. Taking it to a tech will cost a few dollars. It's already in need of a format and install, so no reason not to give it a shot yourself first. You really can't screw it up any worse than it is. The process is relatively simple. As frozenlead said, we are here if you need help.
  23. well, I AM 16
    Not very smart, then again, Norton 360 Shipped with my, btw, Toshiba PC, and it expired way before I got ESET NOD32 Anti-Virus
    So yea, something I will never do again.
    Well, my sis mentioned a BestBuy repair service thingy, and I ought to check that out before I somehow reinstall windows.
    (I am now running my PC in safe mode. That's how corrupted my system is.
    I am about to lose 100GB of stuff:
    USB devices don't/hardly work now. It just started acting up, won't reconzie ect... )

    I screwed up, I agree, and if I fix this issue then this will be experience and hopefully be avoided in the future.

    well, like ya'll said, guess I have two options:
    Reinstall windows
    Take to repair shop

    thanks guys
    and yes, I am confused. I am new to this didn't realize the damage a trojan(s) could do.
    Just to let you guys know, I installed a bunch of stuff to try to combat this threat
    from suggestions from my gfx site I visit

    none seem to help
    only eset, malwarebytes, and spy bot detected stuff
    everything else claimed there was no infiltrations
    already know i cant remove it, just saying...

  24. Looks like you have a root kit virus...i know this isnt what you want to hear but most people who get root kits end up blowing away the hard drive or getting a new one alltogether. Just finding the root kit can be hard enough and depending on where its located can be damn near impossible to get rid of with your hard drive intact. I just gave up trying to get rid of a root kit on an employees laptop here at work after a couple days beating my head against the wall. Give it a shot though maybe its in a location where it can be removed easily. I know if you google root kit remover you can find a couple of good scaners to try.
  25. I've always found that an fdisk and reformat will leave you with a HDD ready for a working OS.
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