Surely corrupted usb mouse driver?

Hi Everyone

This is my first post on this forum although ive used it to solve many of my problems its very useful. Im having a spot of bother with any usb wireless mice i connect to my pc. All started a few months ago i had a logitech ex110 (not sure if that is the exact keyboard and mouse retails for around £25) Anyway everything was well i was watching a film in bed, fell asleep and when i woke up in the morning the computer was off....i turned it on in the morning to discover that the mouse didnt work.....(well it did and it didnt) it would stutter then stop for a minute (yes a minute) then start for split second then stop. I changed batteries same problem....then i discovered that if i pressed the windows key on the keyboard i could move the mouse for a split second then it would stop

Anyway I stupidly assumed that a mouse demon had struck during the night and killed my mouse so i bought the same mouse and keyboard set....only to find that it did the same thing.....I plugged in my ps/2 keyboard and mouse (fresh from Noah's ark) and it worked straight away and so I stuck with it for around 2 months. I then recently got the urge to go wireless again and bought a generic USB wireless optical mouse as i saw it was only £10. Anyway ive tried uninstalling mouse drivers, reinstalling fresh only to have similar results to the logitech set. the mouse works on boot up for around 4 seconds then stops and from there on I get the odd stutter for about half an inch on screen even tho im frantically scrolling the mouse lol.

so I give up and plug the PS/2 mouse and keyboard back in and im on here looking for any possible clues or solutions?
Operating system is Vista 64 BTW....My best guess if that the generic microsoft mouse driver is corrupted and when i uninstall the mouse and install again its reinstalling the same corrupted driver but Ive no idea other than reformatting how to rectify that problem......

Thanks in Advance for any suggestions
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  1. There is usually a button on the mouse to connect to the dongle. Have you checked?

    You may also want to check the device manager for conflicts (yellow !) and to see if it is recognizing the mouse. You may need to uninstall the usb hubs and restart. The hubs will reinstall themselves on restart and recognize new hardware plugged into them.
  2. Hi again,
    yea the mouse is connected, as was the last logitech set i had which stopped working.
    quick question.....If by some miracle i get this mouse to work will the usb optical mouse work if i install it while the ps/2 mouse is in?

    P.s. Im pretty sure that the uninstall usb hub devices etc isnt going to work as ive tried it, as far as device manager is concerned everything is fine, the mouse receiver is flashing when the mouse is moving so the mouse is definately transmitting...i think its the actual driver file itself in system 32 is corrupt and when i uninstall in device manager and reinstall its still using the corrupt system 32 mouse driver file.....Its the only explanation as to why none of the 3 usb optical mice have worked since the first 1 stopped working a few months ago. To the best of my knowledge the USB ports are fine i use my flash drive and xbox 360 controller in them all the time.
    Any idea how to fix the mouse drivers in system 32? or wherever

    Thanks in Advance
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