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My download speed while in vista is about 50% of what it is on xp. I have a dual boot xp which average 490kbs on the download while vista got around 250kbs. This was the exact same file from same website, tested out a few other files with all same result. I updated the lan drivers thinking it might be that, didn't do anything so I'm outta ideas. Wanna leave reformat and screw vista as last resort as it is my main OS with all my crap on it. Also would this effect pings in online gaming? is that related to download or upload? Thanks guys.
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  1. bump, any ideas? might just reformat with xp.
  2. Have you updated to SP1 for vista?
  3. Or even SP 2 for that matter? Download speed has little or nothing to do with ping times... satellite internet is a perfect example... downloads are very fast, but ping times are significant since the signal has to travel a very long distance compared to other types of broadband connections. Slower downloads don't directly correlate to longer ping times.
  4. Yes I have a legit copy of windows and let all the automatic updates run their course. It's running sp2.
  5. Also, just because you get 400 Kb/s one day, doesn't mean you're guaranteed to get it all the time... there are a lot of variables when it comes to downloading files. I haven't noticed any difference in downloading... though copying files over the network does seem a bit slower.
  6. I tested within 5minutes of each other several times and it's always same result, definitely nothing to do with isp slowing down.
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