Troubleshooting - High CPU Interrupts in Core 0

I just did a clean install of Vista Ultimate x64, when my computer started to freeze up. I opened up Sysinternals Process Explorer and sure enough Hardware Interrupts were hogging all the CPU.

I reinstalled Vista again and still the same problems

Intel E8400 (Not overclocked)
2 PNY 8500gt's
EVGA 780i
4GB OCZ Ram with Heatsink
LG DVDRAM Optical Drive
Lite-On DVD-RW Optical Drive
2 Seagate 250GB 7200RPM HDD's in Raid 0

Programs installed
-MS Office 07
-Nero 7
- PowerIso
-Google Chrome
-BitDefender 09 Total Security
-TuneUP Utilities

Drivers are installed and up to date for everything I have, straight from the manufacturers website.

Ran MemTest 86 and everything came out fine.

I have the computer running right now and it is taking up 50% of the CPU (100% of Core 0), so I have set the affinity to programs im currently using to Core 1, so I am effectively running at half the speed.
I could use a little help here.
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  1. Can you post a screen shot of exactly what you are looking at?
  2. The screen shot program(s) immediately stops responding.
  3. thaen take a picture! it be reaaly helpful
  4. I just had exacly same problem and found this thread via google. Even in Windows safe mode interrupts took 100%
    processor time of other core, so thought it's hardware failure. I removed sound card, graphic cards, hard disks, memories and dvd one by one.

    And guess what! ;) Fault was on last component, dvd. :D
  5. Oops, too fast submit. Here is more info.

    All my hard disks is on SATA and dvd-rom was only component on IDE. If removing IDE devices doesnt help I would try BIOS update.

    P5Q Pro
    2x 2GB
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