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I just set up my new computer a couple of weeks ago. Now every time a user logs in some application called "GUI MFC Application" from Gigabyte asks for the admin's permission to do something.

I figured out that it has to do something with the ET6 (i'm using it to control my fans as speedfan doesn't work and i haven't got a better solution yet). The really strange thing now, is that no matter where i search, in the "msconfig" or in the computer management, i just can't find it and if i give this app the permission to do what ever it wants, it responds with an error message saying that the "driver was unable to load".

Since everything works fine if i don't give this app the permission, i guess i don't need it to startup every time and ask me so that i can just say another time "no". Do you know some way how i can stop this without uninstalling ET6 completly (i don't even know for sure if that would solve my problem)?

Thanks a lot!


PS: i'm sorry if i posted this at the wrong place, but i wasn't sure where it belongs to.
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  1. Try booting into the Safe mode (F8).
    Do you get the same symptom?
  2. i didn't which makes sense as ET6 isn't really necessary to run the system.
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