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Hi there, I built myself a new system a couple of months back. I installed Vista 64-bit which runs fine. Just some programs I use either need XP or 32-bit. So I installed my copy of XP MCE 2005 aswell. But after all the files have been copied from the XP CD, I get prompted to reboot the PC. So I do that, and as it goes to load the OS. But I get a error saying Error Loading Operating system.

So, I've tried reinstalling it and messing around with my boot settings in the BIOS. I've also checked that LBA is set to large (although my mobo only gives me OFF or AUTO).

I'm pretty stuck on how I can get it to work. I've also tried it on both HDD's in my PC. Thanks.

Asus P5QL PRO (Intel P43) Mobo
Pentium Dual Core e5200
4gb OCZ Reaper DDR 2
Radeon x850xt
250gb Hitatchi HDD
500gb Seagate HDD.
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  1. "Just some programs I use either need XP or 32-bit"

    No you don't need it. In Vista, right-click a program, props, compat., check "run...", select the os, ok.

    If that doesn't work, the software may make direct call to the OS, skipping the API. This is not good programming. I'd be looking for replacements.

    Go back to bios, load failsafe default, boot up Vista disk, select repair install.
  2. Thanks for your reply, but I was aware of that method and unfortunatly it doesn't always work. I've done my homework and I definatly need XP for some.

    Also, I tried installing XP 64-bit last night and had the same problem. 32-bit XP installs fine on a virtual PC btw but it's still not ideal.
  3. If you want to dual boot XP and Vista then you need to remove the partitions(destroys all data, faster than format), do a fresh XP install and then install Vista, once Vista is installed you can't install XP
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