S3 standby in vista?

i recently came across this article:

but i cant seem to get my vista ultimate PC to go into s3 standby. i tried all the steps at the beginning of this article but no luck. can anyone tell me how to make this work with vista?
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  1. anyone have an ideo on this one?
  2. You want to use Hybrid Sleep right? Then you should turn on S3 in your bios. For an AWARD BIOS like mine it's in Power Management Setup, the top entry ACPI Suspend type.
  3. not sure what hybrid sleep is. i just want it to shtat when i am not using my computer it uses as little power as possible and i woudl like to set up wake on lan so that whenever it gets a network request it wakes right up.

    i accessmy home computers remotely (RDP/VNC) throughout the day and i need that "always on" access but i woudl also like to save energy in those times when i am not usign them.
  4. Hybrid Sleep is a new feature in vista. It simply does S3 (Suspend to RAM) and S4 (Suspend to Disc) at the same time so even if the power goes out the PC can resume.

    So as I said check in your bios whether S3 and wake on LAN are enabled. They are both in Power Management Setup. Then try standby (it called sleep in vista) in Windows see if it does right like in your posted article. Do the USB keyboard/mouse trick if needed like instructed in the article (I don't know about this as I don't use USB kb/mouse).

    After that follow the guide until here. This is a little tricky as the author of the guy assume every network card is the same as his, actually they are different. But just search for something has this *wake* or this *WOL*:wink: . With my Realtek onboard LAN, they're Shut down wake on lan and Sleep WOL Power Saving. Then follow the rest of the guide.

    One thing important that I forget to mention is you should have latest driver for your MB chipset and LAN chip.

    Hope it helps and if you follow closely and still can't do it then I can't do anything more as this is as detail as it is and I don't know any more tricks.
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