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I have just done a reinstall of xp pro and the files and settings tranfer wizard is failing to work (not enough disk space) depite upgrading the old hdd from 80gb to 250gb and the unc file being 21.3gb.
I took an acronis backup a few days earlier, what file to i need to restore to get my e-mail accounts and passwords back in to outlook as i have recovered teh .pst file but that has only bought back the e-mail and not the accounts or passwords
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  1. don't you remember you own user name & passwords for mail accounts..
  2. If i did I would not be asking the question....
    I have setup 3 of the accounts, but the 4th was setup over 10yrs ago and I've never input the password since it was configured

    thanks for your help - most refreshing
  3. then try with email provider about resetting your password..
  4. virgin.net - a nightmare to deal with , esp as this account pre-dates most of their systems
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