Unable to start bluetooth stack service

any solution for this problem
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  1. A breif desciption of what is happening with it, what bluetooth adaptor you are using along with some system specs WOULD BE A GREAT HELP!!!
  2. I've had this bluetooth stack error for months now, and the bluetooth installed on my sony vaio using vista home premium cannot find any devices. Ive even uninstalled it and reloaded the drivers from the vaio supprt website, still exactly the same. I've pretty much done all the possible fixes like settings etc... I'm going to be installing windows 7 home premium soon and lets see what other things don't work LOL.
  3. BTW its 64bit sony vaio vgn-fw265d and the bluetooth worked for a month after i purchased the laptop brand new last year. Then out of nowhere the stack error messages just would randomly pop up about 10 minutes after booting.
  4. I have the same problem with a Sony VAIO and Win7. Did you find a solution to your problem and if so what was it?
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    I had this problem with two different PCs both running Windows 7 64 bit. After struggling for some time I solved the problem by installing new drivers available on the Broadcom website.

    Download and install the updated Bluetooth software for windows. Problem solved. Windows 7 and Norton system maintenance software do not behave well with Bluetooth adapters. The Broadcom solution has worked for me.

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