Windows wont start

hey, just installed windows on new machine but when in windows install as it is installing devices it just bsod.
i have tried installing xp on diff computer with same hdd, it worked so i pluged hdd back into new comp and windows wont load just bsod and restarts, however safe mode works. im cofused. any help

i have tried 2 diff hdd's 1 is brand spaking new. plus tried diff xp cd and it bsod before the format stage of xp

cheers for any help..
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  1. Go to bios & load default. If windows bsod's again, note the 0x000000?? code and post here.

    Also, your specs?
  2. Hello,
    What version of Windows XP are you using ?
    Is it home or pro, and what service pack version aswell please.
  3. hey its a intel dg43nb mobo a e7400 c2d chip, have tried xp pro sp1 and xp home sp1, just bsod during install, brand new computer segate 500g hdd, its a replaced hss and replaced ram( as old ones were defective,) the comp shop got it going but windows got a virus, could virus still be around after a long hdd format...
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